Money Sweetspot is helping to create financial inclusion by providing financial reset debt consolidation loans to families so they can be in charge of their own financial situation and reduce debts.

Many Kiwi families juggle multiple debts and regular repayments, but when the juggle becomes a struggle, debt can really get in the way of enjoying life.

That’s why Meurig Chapman and Sasha Lockley co-founded Money Sweetspot and why the Tindall Foundation is proud to join them as an investor.

Money Sweetspot helps people tackle debt through a debt consolidation loan, supported by information and incentives to help them get out of debt faster and avoid unnecessary debt in the future.

The debt consolidation loan bundles existing debts into one loan with one regular payment that could be at a lower rate than the interest customers are already paying. Customers earn Sweetspot Points through paying on time, avoiding further debt, and engaging with personal finance education. The points can be used to pay down debt or donate to charity.

Money Sweetspot is a social enterprise here to help people out of debt, not into it. So unlike regular lenders, it counts losing customers as a success!

Money Sweetspot is also working alongside other TTF funded organisations such as Community Finance and Nau Mai Rā, building on the strengths and connections of common goals to reduce debt and encourage greater financial inclusion and social equity.