Community Waikato is our Funding Manager doing a brilliant job in the Waikato region. It gives money away on our behalf to local social service organisations to help build the strength and capacity of the community sector in the region. Community Waikato is currently accepting applications for Tindall Foundation funding. The round closes on Sunday 10 September, so there is still time to apply.

Sally Fenwick Ridley , Training and Funding Manager, talks about her work at Community Waikato and how the organisation’s values align with those of The Tindall Foundation.


  1. Describe your organisation and what you do….

Community Waikato is a regional capacity strengthening organisation providing services to social service organisations in the Waikato region. It provides one-to-one advisory service to organisations, mentoring, facilitation, training, information, advocacy, as well as giving away The Tindall Foundation, andLen Reynolds Trust funding.

An important aspect of our work is supporting organisations to focus on results and how they measure and demonstrate the outcomes of their work. We support and strengthen the capacity of those organisations so they provide the best possible services. We also support the capacity of the community social services sector overall to develop and work for the wellbeing of all in our region.

As Funding Managers for The Tindall Foundation and Len Reynolds Trust we give grants to local organisations. The applications we receive give us a further insight into the work being done in our community and the needs of organisations that adds to our overall knowledge and overview of the sector.


  1. How long has Community Waikato been a Tindall Foundation funding manager for your region?

Fourteen years! We signed our first three-year contract with The Tindall Foundation in 2003 and we are still working together, so it will be 14 years this year.


  1. What does our long standing relationship/partnership mean to your organisation?

We really value our relationship with the Foundation. We understand there is great trust placed in our organisation by The Tindall Foundation with their endorsement of us as a Regional Funding Manager and take this very seriously. The knowledge we gain as a Tindall Funding Manager adds a further dimension and richness to the capacity strengthening work we do with our organisations.


  1. What is involved in your role of Tindall Foundation Funding Manager?

Advertising, promoting, administering, managing the online process, assessing, granting, accountability, answering many questions and reporting.


  1. How do you work with The Tindall Foundation and the wider community in this role?

We promote and advertise the fund in a range of ways including online, as part of our general advisory work, at funding expos, funding workshops and other events.


  1. How would you describe your organisation’s relationship with The Tindall Foundation?

We enjoy a rich, positive and respectful relationship with The Tindall Foundation staff. We appreciate the way we feel fully supported, the clear direction they give us on delivering Tindall Foundation priorities, and the concise and well thought out feedback we receive on our reporting.  The values of both organisations are strongly aligned and, in our own ways, we are both working towards making New Zealand a better, safer more connected place for all New Zealanders.

  1. Approximately, how many organisations would you support a year using Tindall Foundation funds?

Approximately 70 organisations directly along with individuals and their organisations benefiting from training workshops, forums and networks subsidised by Tindall Foundation funding.


  1. How much money approximately does this equate to each year?

Approximately $100,000.00 per year


  1. What is the maximum amount you would give to an organisation from this fund?

$5,000 generally our top figure with most donations sitting around $2,000-$3,000 each.


  1. In your role you must work with communities, services, charities and philanthropic organisations, what do you enjoy about working in this sector?

The Waikato region enjoys a strong and well-connected community social service sector. I enjoy the sense of community and working at the grassroots doing real ‘stuff’, where people come before profit.


11.You are in a job where giving back to the community is central to what you do, what do you get out of the job personally?

I gain great satisfaction in the knowledge I am making a difference in the work that I do.


12. Is there anything else you would like to say?

I really enjoyed listening to the next generation of Tindalls at the PNZ Conference sharing their passion and vision for the future of The Tindall Foundation.