This is an interview which was originally aired on Nine to Noon 17 October 2013 between Radio New Zealand’s Kathryn Ryan and Nathan Mikaere Wallis, who is part of the Brainwave Trust and a lecturer in human and brain development, language and communication, risk and resilience.

Nathan discusses brain development in the first three years of life. He emphasizes how the 0-3 year old primarily needs to feel safe and secure and in partnership with someone who adores them. It is that quality and quantity of attachment that helps children’s brains develop to their full potential in the first 3 years of life. These first three years are critical years for learning, when a child’s brain triples in size and is making important neural connections in response to their environment.

Let’s remember that it’s the quality and quantity of time that we spend with our little ones that makes all the difference.

Listen to the interview here.