Local Donation Managers

The Tindall Foundation has a unique model whereby Local Donation Managers (previously known as Funding Managers) distribute donations on our behalf in their local and faith communities.

Each year, Local Donation Managers give away approximately $3.5 million of TTF funds in two of our Focus Areas — Family and Environment.
Donations range from $500 to $15,000.

Local Donation Managers are established organisations working in their communities. They use their expertise and local knowledge when allocating our funds, and we highly value our partnership with them.

If you are a local organisation applying for a donation to support your local community you will apply directly to one of our 23 Local Donation Managers. There are four groups:


Accept applications in their regions


National organisations with community reach


WWF-New Zealand, funding for local environmental projects


Volunteer Service Abroad for initiatives in the Eastern Pacific in which they are already involved

Please note: Local Donation Managers all have different funding rounds

and closing dates.