Donation Streams

We make donations in three ways:

Local Donation Managers

Are you a local organisation seeking a donation for a local community or environmental project?

For local donations to support communities across Aotearoa, apply to one of our Local Donation Managers. These on-the-ground-organisations give away donations of $500–$15,000 on our behalf to causes that fit within our Whānau/Family and Environmental Focus Areas.

Regional/National Donations

Are you looking for a large donation to invest in or support New Zealand Whānau/Families, Communities or the Environment? We seek applications that can be scaled up to and have significant regional or national reach. We support organisations that are looking to:

  • Increase positive outcomes for our people and environment
  • Address long-term intergenerational and/or systems change
  • Support Maori-led approaches
  • Invest in regional economic development
  • Take a holistic approach to wellbeing

Impact Investment Loans

Are you looking for an Impact Investment Loan to support New Zealand Whānau/Families, Communities or the Environment? We seek applications that are scalable, and have national significance and/or regional reach. We support organisations to:

  • Invest in regional economic development
  • Grow regional development and wellbeing initiatives that build local capacity and capability to deliver long-term solutions to social issues
  • Grow Māori community-led initiatives and enterprises that support intergenerational wellbeing
  • Grow initiatives that support social enterprise and the impact investment sector to be robust and sustainable
  • Target impact investment opportunities that are Māori-owned and led in key regions, especially Taitokerau / Tairawhiti / Horowhenua / Whanganui

Proactive approaches

We also work proactively, seeking out organisations whose work aligns with our areas of interest. We often approach organisations and communities, inviting them to partner with us to develop solutions to address specific needs.