Looking back at 2013, it certainly was one of the busiest since I’ve been at The Tindall Foundation, both internally and externally.  As Manager, I’d like to give a brief overview for others closer to the action to then fill in the detail.

Internally, we finally embarked on major changes to our Donations Management IT system, a process we’ve been scoping for over 8 years.  I’m sure others will reflect better than I on what a job that has been!  I would like to acknowledge and congratulate everyone involved – especially Evelyn, Donations Team staff and our beloved consultant Jochum Hoff – for their tenacity, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, unerring patience and determination to make it work, despite the frustrations and extra work such projects always involve.

Applications and donations were at higher levels than usual, and several large scale, high engagement projects came to fruition after sometimes years of development, many exceeding our expectations.  Of particular pride were the projects that we either initiated, led, or convened independent applicants to collaborate on.  They proved that synergies are always possible and the results are heaps better than the sum of the original parts. Our new-look communications (website, annual report, etc) certainly give people a better, more interesting idea of what we do and why.

Given trends in the first six weeks, 2014 is unlikely to be less busy for us than 2013.

Our annual Retreat Agenda has lots of ‘big picture’ discussions to ensure we’re open to new ideas and ways of helping to make a difference.  Demand for our donations show no signs of easing, and we’re invited more and more to share our stories and collaborate with other funders.  It’s also the year our longest serving staff member Evelyn Gauntlett retires.

For me personally, 2014 is the year I hand over management of the Foundation to the new manager John McCarthy, while I assume the part-time role of Manager, Special Projects.  Naturally after nearly 12 years in such a marvellous job, I have mixed feelings, but I’m looking forward to my new role.  It is a very positive and timely move for me and the Foundation.  I’m sure it is in the best hands possible, both with John and the dedicated Foundation Trustees and staff. I’ll still be around to help where needed.