Adventist Development and Relief Agency New Zealand (ADRA) is part of the worldwide humanitarian organisation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA delivers social services in partnership with community organisations to improve long-term outcomes for families and communities across New Zealand.

Working within the Family focus area, ADRA has been a Local Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation (TTF) for over 15 years, distributing $2.5 million to families and communities during that time.

One of its most successful projects has been the Pathways Drivers Licence Programme. Approximately 70% of jobs require a current drivers licence, which can be a barrier to opportunities for youth and those without a licence. The programme helps people, particularly youth, to get their licence and thereby access employment opportunities.

“With unemployment on the rise, the Pathways programme is a great way to assist young people in becoming independent, opening up more opportunities for participants and their families with employment, accessibility and travel,” says Sally Lavea, ADRA NZ Programme Coordinator.

The programme has produced many success stories. One participant in South Auckland had tried and failed to get his licence twice through other providers. He was hesitant to be part of this programme as this experience had affected his confidence, but completed the Pathways workshop and finally obtained his learner’s licence. “He was ecstatic, and this has also given him his confidence back,“ Sally reports.

The Pathways Drivers Licence Programme fits with the goals and priorities of both ADRA and TTF in helping make stronger families and communities. “The Tindall Foundation believes all Kiwis should have the chance to lead happy, healthy lives — this initiative provides numerous opportunities for not only the participants but also their families to be impacted positively, “ says Sally.