Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) is a grassroots organisation run by leaders and representatives from refugee backgrounds. Operating as a collective voice of ethnically diverse newcomers to the Auckland region, the organisation bridges the gap between communities and service providers to improve understanding, smooth resettlement, and assist integration.

ARCC is made up of 22 member organisations from 17 different countries, giving it the expertise and cultural tools to support and advocate for services and policy that deliver positive resettlement outcomes.

The Tindall Foundation (TTF) has donated $360,000 since 2014 within its Community focus area, offering capacity building as well as financial support. TTF’s donation has provided communications and leadership skills training to members, helped establish the Youth United Voice and Women’s Leadership Network, and covered the costs of a community employment survey addressing unemployment issues.

The donation also enabled an Auckland-based employment programme for former refugees, as well as the appointment of a general manager, Abann Yor, who is originally from South Sudan. “Abann is the backbone of this organisation and is an invaluable link between the resettled community, government, service providers and everyday New Zealanders,” says Tina Tihema, ARCC Project Administrator.

With TTF’s support Abann furthered his own personal and professional development, achieving a Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management, Postgraduate Certificate in Social Practice and training in professional mediation and facilitation. Subsequently he was honoured with the Local Hero award at the 2016 New Zealander of the Year awards.

I am speechless when I reflect on the support I have received from The Tindall Foundation over the last five years. The resources have allowed me to contribute positively to my family, humanitarian migrants, resettled communities and New Zealand society — being a real changemaker,” Abann says.

ARCC is managed by staff with American, Brazilian, Iraqi, Māori and Eritrean backgrounds, and the same applies to the governing board. With the support of TTF, ARCC celebrates diversity each year by holding multicultural day celebrations.

Funding ARCC meets a number of TTF goals including encouraging diversity in New Zealand communities and growing opportunities in economically deprived regions and communities.