Brainwave Trust is informing New Zealanders that supporting families in the early years of their children’s lives will have a lasting effect.

The Aotearoa/New Zealand Infant Brain Development Trust, commonly known as ‘Brainwave Trust’, was formed in 1998 in response to scientific evidence about crucial brain development in the first three years of a child’s life.

“Everyone’s born with different genetic potential,” says Kim van Duiven, Executive Director of Brainwave Trust.  Brainwave’s philosophy is that parental bonding and day-to-day experiences help children to fulfil their potential.

Brainwave is based in Auckland with a network of 25 trained presenters throughout the country.  The Brainwave Committee includes broadcaster Jude Bailey and netballer Bernice Mene.

Presentations are given to organisations and individuals from various child welfare and education fields, and to teen parent units and mothers in prison.

Brainwave Trust emphasises “the basics” – laughter, tactile play, talking and reading.  “It’s all about spending time with your children,” says Kim.

The ‘Cuddlewrap’ project aims to give every mother of a new baby a soft cotton wrap and an information booklet.  Four simple messages about how to enhance a baby’s brain development are printed on the wrap, such as “I love it when you smile at me”.

The Tindall Foundation recently funded both the Executive Director’s salary and research to assess the long-term impact of Brainwave presentations.

For further information contact:

Sue Wright, Executive Director, Brainwave Trust


Ph: 09 528 3981