In 2011 Shelley was in serious debt. At that time she was under a huge amount of stress; her furniture was being repossessed because she couldn’t keep up debt repayments, she was having to go to court, had people knocking on her door demanding money, she had bills scattered all over the place and was in a total muddle.  She was trying to feed her family of five on $40 per week.

Fortunately for Shelley, she was given a CAP brochure at the local WINZ office and she phoned straight away. CAP has helped to change her life and she is no longer having to cope with the stress of debt.

CAP is a Christian debt-counselling service, working through local church-based centres, helping people of any age, religion or race to become debt free. CAP helps people like Shelley out of debt by using the client’s own income. They arranged repayments with creditors that were manageable for Shelley and acceptable to those she owed money to.

When Shelley joined CAP she noticed the difference immediately. She was advised to open a new bank account so that the HP payments paid by direct debit could no longer erode her grocery money. She felt that she had made a fresh start.

This year Shelley describes herself as happy and relieved. She now feels unafraid of answering the door and she isn’t worried about being talked into buying things on HP. This year her plan is to get her license. Shelley is grateful for all the support she receives from CAP, both with finances and with other practical issues. She says that it was a great day that she joined CAP.

CAP is recognised and appreciated by businesses and banks for their success in getting debts successfully repaid. CAP is supported by The Tindall Foundation through its faith funding manager, Baptist Churches of New Zealand.