ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is pleased to announce the appointment of Tayyaba Khan as the organisation’s new General Manager.

Tayyaba, having recently returned to New Zealand, brings with her experience of managing refugee services in the United Kingdom and Australia. Her work portfolio includes working with the Office of Ethnic Affairs (Department of Internal Affairs), Australian Red Cross, British Red Cross and the Alzheimer’s Society. Over the last decade Tayyaba has contributed extensively to migrant and refugee community issues in New Zealand, and overseas. ChangeMakers is proud to welcome her diverse and global experience to our organisation.

Of Pakistani origin, Tayyaba was raised in Japan and Aotearoa. Being of Pakistani origin Tayyaba connects with issues of forced displacement due to religion and politics as well as the challenging experiences associated with migrating to a new country. She has a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Mental Health) from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is in the process of completing her Master of Science in Refugee Studies from the London South Bank University.