Watch this great video on Motueka’s Ngatimoti Stream created by Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA). The Tasman Region has some of the most picturesque rivers and coastlines in the country. The stream is a tributary of the Motueka River, which shapes the land and the people around it.

This short film features children from Ngatimoti School’s Enviro Group talking about the amazing work they are doing to look after the stream and encourage wildlife back to the area. They have learnt about monitoring water quality and the critters that live in the stream, how to protect the environment and about the local ecosystems. They have planted flax and native trees on the edge of the stream to help stop erosion and provide a corridor for fish and birds. They talk of the differences they have seen – the greater number of birds, fish, insects, geckos and an improvement to the water quality.

It is obvious that these young leaders see the value of the stream and are proud of their efforts to clean it up and help build a much richer and diverse habitat. One girl comments, “The best thing about looking after the stream is watching how everything grows and how it changes for the better.” Well done to these children and the Ngatimoti School community.