The Tindall Foundation has taken a considered response to the Christchurch earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011, after wide consultation about the best ways to help.

Our response has been to listen to on-ground partners, collaborate with others, take both an immediate response and longer-term approach, and trust those closest to the action.

This has resulted in prompt unconditional donations to our eight social service Funding Manager partners in Canterbury, along with quick responses to others helping people to recover and restore their lives, communities and environments.

For example, Baptist Churches of New Zealand delivered 5,000 snuggle bags and 200 duvets to people’s homes, and 1,000 water bottles were delivered to the Christchurch City Mission to distribute.  These items were greatly needed in the snowy conditions during winter.  They were all provided at a discount price by The Warehouse Limited, which also donated 2,200 mink blankets and delivered all the goods free of charge.

Longer term, we have committed to a further $4 million, making this a minimum of $5 million over the next 4 or so years.  This is primarily for groups and initiatives which help people and communities recover and reform around their ‘new normal’.  To assist with this work, The Tindall Foundation has contracted a Christchurch-based project manager in partnership with the Todd Foundation.

For more information contact: Dave Richards, The Tindall Foundation