Many New Zealanders have been pushed into financial crisis by the economic recession.  Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is changing people’s lives by helping them become debt-free.

“Clients often don’t have the financial knowledge or education to manage their money and it’s a change in circumstances that pushes them over the edge,” says Tara Kirby of CAP.

CAP is an in-depth debt counselling service that works through local churches.  It started in the UK 13 years ago and arrived in New Zealand in January 2008.  They have already opened 4 centres here and helped over 140 families out of debt.

Each client is visited in their home by a debt advisor and support worker to work together on a budget.  The client then makes a weekly payment into a CAP account to cover all their debts, which CAP distributes on their behalf.

Mother-of-six Josie was struggling to buy her family essentials like milk and school clothes before CAP helped her how to budget better.  “They’ve taken all the stress off me,” she says.

In 2008, The Tindall Foundation provided funding to help CAP NZ establish its national office.

For more information contact:

Tara Kirby, Head of Partnership, Christians Against Poverty