Christmas has come early for 44 community groups across the region with more than $117,000 distributed by Hawke’s Bay Foundation from funds donated by Hawke’s Bay residents.

The funding distribution includes a generous $68,600 from the Tindall Foundation, which focuses on supporting families and social services, and caring for our environment and ecosystem.

Acting Chairman Brian Martin says this is the largest annual distribution made by Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

“Thanks to the generosity of Hawke’s Bay people we’re delighted to be able to help so many groups from across the region – from Raupunga in the north to Central Hawke’s Bay in the south. It’s our largest distributution to date, and it’s really encouraging to see the ongoing rapid growth in the Foundation’s capital funds.

“This really is all about Hawke’s Bay people giving to support causes in our community, through Hawke’s Bay Foundation. The Tindall Foundation has played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of community foundations across New Zealand, and it’s up to us to maintain the momentum in Hawke’s Bay,” he says.

“We need more local people to get behind and support the Foundation, so we can continue this integral role of growing community vitality in the region.”

Mr Martin says the Foundation would like to be able to do more to assist our region’s community organisations.

“This year we received over 70 applications from a range of local charities seeking more than half a million dollars in funding. We would have loved to help more groups – so we need more people donating regularly to the Foundation, so that we can keep supporting the community on their behalf,” he says.

“If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift, please consider giving a donation to Hawke’s Bay Foundation. It’s not only tax deductible, but it will keep on giving back to the region forever. To make things easy we’re just working through the process of being listed as a payee in the online banking system, so look us up – and please donate. Every little bit helps.”

About the Foundation

Hawke’s Bay Foundation is a community foundation where money donated is invested and the income given away annually, thereby enabling the principal to keep growing, building up a valuable community asset. As the principal grows, the amount able to be donated also grows.

It is modelled on the highly succcessful Vancouver Foundation of Canada, which started in 1943 with an initial donation of $1000, and is now worth over $1 billion.

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