Trees That Count has a lofty goal to see 200 million new native trees planted and is calling on businesses – big and small – to make a commitment to fostering biodiversity and a healthy environment for all by funding or gifting native trees. The organisation has just launched Committed to Climate marks, badges of honour for businesses to show their investment in native trees.

As an avid supporter of Trees that Count, Stephen Tindall has this to say about the importance of planting more trees and what individuals, the community and business can do to help combat climate change and preserve bio diversity.

“Climate change is here, it is a risk to all of us – as individuals, community memebers and as business leaders. We must care and we must act now.

The recent Environment Aotearoa 2019 report highlighted for us all that there is more work to be done than just offsetting our emissions. Our biodiversity is under serious threat and it’s vital we recognise the important role our native trees play in preserving the beauty and wildlife that makes us so proud to be Kiwis.

We’re undoubtedly facing a huge challenge, but there are opportunities for businesses to make real change that benefits New Zealand for generations to come.

We need trees, and not just a sea of pine forestry that is harvested in 30 years, but native trees that will sequester carbon for thousands of years and allow our precious flora and fauna to thrive.

Trees That Count is helping to build a brighter, more sustainable future through the planting of native trees. It has just launched Committed to Climate marks, badges of honour for businesses to show their investment in native trees and to proudly display the actions they’re taking to preserve our precious ecosystems.

The trees that businesses fund will be matched up with planters who are passionate about restoring the natural environment through projects with communities, landowners, iwi, schools across the country.

You can show your customers that you’re not just acting against climate change, you’re increasing biodiversity, restoring waterways, and creating habitats for our insects and native birds.

It’s fantastic to see Kiwi businesses, both large and small, already putting their support behind Committed to Climate, including Z Energy, The Warehouse Group and Showcase Workshop.