Community Waikato acts as a Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, distributing donations on behalf of TTF to projects and initiatives that support TTF’s Family/Whaanau Focus Area.

People who have applied in the past will notice some changes this year to the application form and requirements. The Tindall Foundation giving now focuses in three areas – Family/Whaanau, Community and Environment, with Community Waikato’s focus area, as a Regional Donation Manager, being Family/Whaanau. This is not a big departure from how donations have been given in the past, or who they were given to, and the new direction allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to new and emerging areas of need.

See here for  further information on goals for Family/Whaanau, priority areas for funding and areas not eligible for funding.



The Community Waikato/The Tindall Foundaton Funding round opens early August and closes mid-September of each year.  Approximately $100,000.00 is distributed annually and approximately 40 grants of around $1000 to $5000 are made.

Online applications are through the Community Waikato website .  For more information please go to our website or contact Sally Fenwick Ridley on 07 282 0744, or