Every Friday lunchtime 25 students at Pakuranga College work on their Pakuranga Organic Project (“POP”) food garden, growing produce to sell to staff and share with each other.

Pakuranga College is one of 800 Enviroschools throughout New Zealand where students are taking practical action to create healthier, more sustainable communities.

POP was initiated and is led by secondary school students, as part of their Environment Council activities.  The students have planted fruit trees, utilised the existing greenhouse and started growing herbs last spring.

The Enviroschools network connects with early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools.  Support is provided by The Enviroschools Foundation in partnership with a regional network of over 70 agencies.

The Tindall Foundation is funding the Enviroschools network to strengthen and extend school and community-based food production through a 3-year project called ‘Kai in Communities’.

“Growing, preparing and sharing healthy kai is a really beautiful way for children to learn,” said Heidi Mardon, National Director of the Enviroschools Foundation.  “They have so much fun designing and building gardens, nurturing plants and then harvesting and cooking.  And these projects are helping all of us connect with our land, our cultures and our communities.”

The first year of the project has highlighted some inspirational examples, such as POP, and many possible ways to develop and increase the number of schools producing and enjoying their own kai.

For more information contact:

Heidi Mardon, National Director, The Enviroschools Foundation

Email: heidi.mardon@enviroschools.org.nz

Website: www.enviroschools.org.nz