The SCOPE programme was initiated by The Tindall Foundation in 2005 to provide capacity-building support to small not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) and was piloted over a two year period with 47 community-based organisations in the greater Auckland area. A formative evaluation of SCOPE was undertaken during the same period which showed that SCOPE had significant positive outcomes for many of the participating organisations. The pilot concluded in 2007. TTF sought a long-term impacts/outcomes evaluation to gauge whether, to what extent and in what ways SCOPE had been effective in helping community organisations to (1) provide services for their community and (2) more effectively deliver on and/or develop their intended purpose.

The evaluation findings show that the SCOPE model has been effective in building capability and capacity for at least half of the participating organisations, including both new and well established organisations. For the organisations that responded to the survey, the gains had been incremental, and had given them not only the skills but also the confidence to consolidate and in some cases expand their services to clients and communities. Many respondents expressed strong gratitude to SCOPE for support that had been a turning point in their organisation’s sustainability.

The Capacity Building support we offer today to some of the smaller organisations that we support has been modelled of the SCOPE programme and continues successfully. Over the last 5 years, community consultancy organisation, NFP Works Ltd, has managed the delivery of these tailored short-term capacity-building packages to The Tindall Foundation funded organisations.

Read the full report here SCOPE report final web version PDF.