The Let’s Find and Fix initiative that was launched in Christchurch in early April, is going great guns! More than 770 households have registered to have their homes repaired in time for winter. All these locals need help to fix their earthquake damaged homes to make them secure, weather tight, safe and sanitary before the cold of winter kicks in.

A total of 774 households have registered to be part of the Let’s Find and Fix, which will see temporary repairs on homes for no charge.

CanCERN, one of the organisations leading the initiative, has the following information on the process:

Once a householder has registered and agreed that their information can be shared with relevant parties, their details are sent to the insurer, EQC or those supporting uninsured people. Those agencies check against their own data that the customer meets the criteria of:

From there, the data gets passed to Community Energy Action (CEA) who are coordinating the assessments and the fixes. CEA is currently working through the list making phone calls and arranging contractor visits.

If you have registered and are still waiting for a call, please be a little patient as they make their way through what is an extraordinary response.

Watch one news to see how Find and Fix works here.

For further information contact CanCERN staff:

Brian Parker

Leanne Curtis