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As part of World Science week, an award winning New Zealand film is being screened at the Vic Theatre in Devonport, Auckland.

Thin Ice – the Inside Story of Climate Science, shows the range of human activity and scientific endeavor that continues to be applied to the effort to understand the world’s changing climate.

This initiative between Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Oxford and DOX Productions, London, was over six years in the making, and takes a fresh look at the changes taking place in the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and ice sheets. The 73-minute-long documentary gives the public a rare opportunity to see climate scientists at work, talking about what they do, and their hopes and fears.

Geologist Simon Lamb took his camera to climate science colleagues around the world to find out what’s really going on in the Arctic, the Antarctic and around the world. The result is a unique exploration of the science behind global warming and an intimate portrait of a global community or researchers racing to understand our planet’s changing climate.  The film gives people from all walks of the life a chance to see the human face of climate science.

Thin Ice has screened at film festivals around the world and been downloaded tens of thousands of times and has received excellent reviews.

A donation from The Tindall Foundation went towards the production of this film which came from our Caring for the Environment (environmental suitability) programme area.

Screening on Thursday 28 August at The Vic Theatre, Devonport.

For tickets visit http://www.thevic.co.nz/movies/8908.php