Home & Family,  the Christchurch charity providing counselling and practical life skills to families and children, has launched a new collaboration with Krama & Co.

Founded by Rebecca Parnham, Krama & Co. is a social enterprise run from Christchurch and Cambodia, which places women at its heart. This is because Rebecca and her Cambodian business partner Nita believe that when you give to a woman, she will give back to her children and extended family, creating a ripple effect that is beneficial to the community as a whole.

‘Krama’ means scarf in Cambodian and is the national symbol of Cambodia; Rebecca and Nita pay a fair price for hand-woven Krama from female weavers, and for every krama sold, pay one dollar into a village fund where the krama was made. All profits are donated to charities or put towards random acts of kindness for women in New Zealand and Cambodia.

As a former social worker, Rebecca really understands the value and unique nature of Home & Family’s work. In fact, she loves Home & Family so much that it is currently Krama & Co.’s only New Zealand Charity.

Kramas are versatile, come in a variety of colours and at $30 make fantastic gifts. What’s more, for every one sold by Home & Family, $10 goes directly towards providing our services.

If you live in Christchurch, buying a krama is probably the easiest way to support small charities and help women and children both locally and internationally. So come along to our offices where you can now purchase them for yourself or a friend. If you’re on Facebook, please like Krama & Co.’s page, where you can see the range of colours, styles and uses for a krama – there’s far more than you think!