As always, for The Tindall Foundation Annual Report, we make a calendar featuring profiles on organisations that we have supported throughout the financial year.  Last year we made some changes and visited the organisations across the country interviewing a person from each, to make short video clips profiling the work they do. This was a real highlight for me.

The travels saw us visiting Canterbury, Taranaki, Wellington and visiting groups all around Auckland. We also featured organisations from Horowhenua and the West Coast, (conducting the interviews in Auckland) which meant our calendar, drew from community activity from various regions across Aotearoa. You can watch the videos we made here:

It was immensely valuable for us as staff to meet with the people who make things happen out there in the community, as it’s fantastic to put a face to the names and hear about the projects in person. Thanks to all those who hosted us!

I’m looking forward to a very busy 2014 at The Tindall Foundation as we embed our database system, our new website and welcome our new Manager, John McCarthy. I look forward to working on the annual report as we always meet such interesting people. I hope this year brings lots of interesting applications and personal challenges.