Contributing to a stronger Aotearoa New Zealand

Recognising the strength of families and communities, and supporting them and our natural environment to thrive — now and in the future

Donation Streams

We make donations in two ways:

Small Local Donations

Are you a local organisation seeking a donation for a local community or environmental project?

For local donations to support communities across Aotearoa, apply to one of our Local Donation Managers. These on-the-ground-organisations give away donations of $500 -$15,000 on our behalf in our Whanau/Family and Environmental Focus Areas.

Large Regional/National Donations

Are you looking for a donation to invest in/support NZ Whanau, Communities or the Environment? We seek applications that are scalable, have national significance and/or regional reach. We support organisations to:

  • Increase positive outcomes for our people and environment
  • Address long-term intergenerational and/or systems change
  • Support Maori-led approaches
  • Invest in regional economic development
  • Take a holistic approach to wellbeing

Proactive approaches

We also work proactively, seeking out organisations whose work aligns with our areas of interest. We often approach organisations and communities, inviting them to partner with us to develop solutions to address specific needs.

Who we are

The Tindall Foundation is a private philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We are helping to build a stronger, sustainable nation so that families, communities and our environment thrive now and in the future. Our work is driven by a belief that all Kiwis should have the chance to achieve their full potential and contribute to a healthy, strong society.

Our approach to giving

From small community initiatives through to larger systemic responses, we support a wide range of outcomes for social and environmental change.


We see the value in supporting a wide range of approaches, from local grassroots giving to larger national initiatives that develop long-term social change and use innovation to deliver social impact.

Take a look at the short film on the right to learn about what we support and how to apply.

The Tindall Foundation is a family foundation that seeks opportunities to support innovative, forward-thinking initiatives that make a positive difference for Aotearoa New Zealand, in areas of:


Our work prioritises whānau/families who experience multiple disadvantage across generations.


We give donations to community groups and neighbourhoods who are leading positive change in their communities.


We help address climate change, protect and enhance NZ’s biodiversity, and promote kaitiakitanga/custodianship of our whenua/land, moana/ocean and awa/waterways.

Case Studies