The Housing Foundation is excited to confirm the appointment of Dominic Foote, its current General Manager of Operations, as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Dominic has vast experience in housing, both in private and public sectors in New Zealand and the UK and has worked for the Housing Foundation for more than a decade.

“I am thrilled to be selected by Trustees as the new CEO. I am incredibly proud of the work we are doing, especially our ability to keep responding through innovation to the challenges of providing housing that is affordable to low and modest income working households locked out of home ownership. I see the real, positive differences that the Housing Foundation team and its partners make to people’s lives”, says Dominic.

Housing Foundation Chair, Tony Lanigan, says “Dominic’s wealth of experience will benefit the work currently being done to provide housing assistance to an increasing number of people around the country”.

“I am delighted to advise that Trustees unanimously agreed to appoint Dominic as CEO of the Housing Foundation. Dominic has been key to the growth and development of the Housing Foundation and has the passion and commitment we want to drive the Foundation forward”, says Tony.

Dominic will take over from the great work done by previous long-time Executive Director, Brian Donnelly, who was instrumental in establishing and growing the Housing Foundation to be one of New Zealand’s most successful providers of innovative affordable housing solutions and new developments.

With housing continuing to be unaffordable in many markets, the Housing Foundation is committed to providing its well-established affordable home ownership products to help New Zealanders into new homes and to manage their finances to become independent homeowners.

“As an organisation we are focused on developing communities and growing strong, safe neighbourhoods.  We are committed to not only building houses, but also strong communities and futures”, says Dominic.
The Housing Foundation is a charitable trust which has pioneered innovative affordable housing programmes and has undertaken large scale developments in Auckland and across other parts of the country with partners including Iwi. It is recognised within many sectors as one of New Zealand’s leading community housing providers of new affordable housing and innovative affordable home ownership products.
The Housing Foundation has built and funded over 800 new homes and directly assisted more than 400 households’ transition into homeownership products.