“You can never be 100% ready for a baby, and then sometimes life likes to throw you a curveball,” says Alexis, mother of three from Hamilton.

Her first baby, Kadi-belle, was born in 2012.  When she had her son James in 2014 Alexis embarked on a successful career as a Tupperware consultant, a job she could fit around her new baby and family life. Shortly after achieving Manager status, Alexis discovered she was pregnant with baby number three.

“Having a new baby was exciting and scary. I was already so busy, how could I fit another little life into my life and heart?” she asked herself.

On her due date, Alexis discovered her two older children had contracted chicken pox.  Maddison was born the next morning but the Infectious Disease Control team told her she couldn’t go home for 10 days!

Alexis recalls. “I was a mess. I already couldn’t see my older two due to them being infectious, but not being able to take my baby home was heartbreaking.”

A fellow Playcentre Mum offered Alexis and Maddison a sleepout to stay in while they were quarantined from the rest of the family.  She watched Maddison while Alexis made brief visits home to see her husband and other children.

She says her referral to Bellyful Hamilton, which she heard about from a friend, was a huge relief.

“The first time Bellyful dropped us in some meals I was mindblown.  My heart swelled with gratitude.”

Alexis also found Bellyful doesn’t simply provide meals, but empathy as well.   Our volunteers who deliver Bellyful meals are always prepared to lend a listening ear and some adult conversation, with no judgement or advice attached.

“Those extra meals really help us new Mums in so many ways.”  She adds, “It’s our family, friends, and help from our community that helps get us through these tough patches.”