Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Alfred Ngaro says National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to mark the contribution of volunteers across the country and to get involved.

National Volunteer Week runs from 18-24 June.

“Volunteering does so much for New Zealand. Every week over 400,000 kiwis volunteer for registered charities. That obviously doesn’t represent all the other sectors where volunteers play a vital role, but adds up to over 2 million hours contributed to our communities,” says Mr Ngaro.

“From sports, recreation, arts, culture and heritage to emergency and social services, health, education, conservation, and the environment, volunteers contribute to almost every sector in New Zealand.

“It’s not just about numbers either. This year’s theme is ‘Live, Laugh, Share, Volunteer’ and that’s a great reflection of what volunteering gives to volunteers and communities.

“Whether it’s a general feeling of satisfaction at making a difference, the social nature of many opportunities or the new skills you may acquire, volunteering has as much to offer volunteers as it does to communities more generally.

“Volunteering is about sharing – your time, your energy and your resources. This week is about celebrating that. I’d encourage everyone to look up the opportunities and events in their area and to give volunteering a go.”

More information about National Volunteer Week, including suggestions of how to take part is available at