Last weekend an enthusiastic and committed team of 96 volunteers joined in a tree planting morning at Baddeley’s Beach, north of Auckland. They planted over 2750 native trees, the majority of which were provided by Trees That Count.  Grasses, rushes and flaxes were provided by Auckland Council’s Community Park Ranger.


The trees will added to Trees That Count’s national count of trees planted in 2017, the total of which now sits at over 2.5 million.  Trees That Count has a goal of seeing 4.7 million native trees added to the count in 2017 – one for every New Zealander.


Family and friends with community connections rallied locals to join the planting team.


Says one of the organisers Sue Crawshay, “We thought we were being optimistic in hoping for 60 volunteers so we were overwhelmed with gratitude when such a huge number of people who arrived up to help us.”


The Tindall Foundation founder’s Stephen and Margaret Tindall joined in the planting fun! It was a stunning day to put natives in the ground.

“It was fantastic to be part of such an enthusiastic group of Kiwis who really enjoyed the experience of coming together and planting these 2,800-odd native trees.  Other Kiwis who have never experienced this, should really give it a go as the satisfaction is enormous,” says Stephen.