In this time of greater need during the Covid-19 situation, we’re witnessing many heart-warming examples of organisations working together to support the most vulnerable members in our communities. A portion of TTF’s 25th Anniversary funding was recently reprioritised by our Trustees to address the emerging needs of communities and we heard about this little story that showcases what we can do when we all work together.

The Geyser Community Foundation is a Local Donation Manager for TTF and distributes funds on our behalf in Rotorua and Taupo. Recently they used some of those funds, alongside other funders and organisations including Rotorua Trust, NZ Emergency Services Solutions and MSD to find a quick, practical solution for a delivery challenge they’d encountered due to a large increase in demand for deliveries of meals and care packages to the community.

The organisations had already done a lot of the work needed to prepare for deliveries to some of Rotorua’s most vulnerable residents. The food had been sourced, meals had been prepared, cooked and packed and volunteers were at the ready to deliver them. The only piece missing was to find a way to deliver all the extra meals.

So the folk at NZ Emergency Services Solutions began the tricky job of sourcing a suitable means of transportation that was capable of holding 8.2 cubic square metres of meals and care packages, met all health and safety standards, all food hygiene requirements and something that was available immediately – while the entire country was under Level 4 lockdown!

This was no easy feat, but thanks to all the organisations working together, they were able to source a large fit-for-purpose trailer that meant the more vulnerable members of our community are now able to receive what they need during lockdown. Our friends at NZ Emergency Service Solutions have been busy over the past week contacting a number of local community groups in Rotorua including, but not limited to The Salvation Army, Civil Defence Rotorua, Red Cross Rotorua Disaster Welfare Support team, Parksyde Community Centre, Parkinsons Central Plateau, Visions of a Helping Hand, LoveSoup, Western Heights Community Association and Multicultural Rotorua offering their services and the use of this trailer for free during the COVID-19 response.

As well as providing appropriate funding to our Local Donation Managers, TTF is all about encouraging collaboration, connecting people and working together. It’s wonderful to see so many organisations support each other during this challenging time.