Monte Cecilia Housing Trust (MCHT) is providing housing and practical assistance for many vulnerable and isolated families in Auckland.

“As families move through our service, I see that sustainable housing enables them to regain their confidence, wellbeing and autonomy over their lives,” said Jeanne Warmington, Social Work Practice Manager.

Funding from The Tindall Foundation has assisted Jeanne and a team of four Housing Social Workers to work alongside families living in houses owned or managed by MCHT, and to support families faced with homelessness in West and South Auckland communities.  Their advocacy services address wider needs, which can include health and disabilities, budgeting and parenting.

MCHT has experienced significant growth.  Over the last five years, it has increased its housing portfolio to 24 houses, including seven new high-standard houses in Mangere.  Families came out of the residential housing programme, and from substandard housing, boarding houses and overcrowded homes.

In the past year, MCHT has been working with agencies and local residents to provide a housing hub at the Western Park Village Caravan Park in Ranui.  The hub helps families with housing advice and job information, access to computers, and a community garden project at the caravan park.

For more information contact: Jeanne Warmington, Practice Manager