Wyatt So'otaga

We hear from the mother of Wyatt So’otaga, a member of Billy and Kerri Graham’s boxing academy in Naenae. Ana, tells of the huge influence the academy and its dedicated team have had on her young son’s life. We are grateful to her for sharing her very inspiring and moving story.

Naenae Boxing Academy (NBA) is an outstanding framework of values, exercise, action, support, knowledge, pathways and people that our son Wyatt (13)  has blossomed under.  Thank you NBA, and the people who organise, run and champion its values. Being accepted from the NBA waiting list was a beacon of hope for us as parents.  We are now beaming parents who were once brimming with anxiety after already trying a number of things to improve our son’s concentration, learning, confidence and lung capacity – without much reward, and a lot of cost.

Constantly in hospital as a young boy with pneumonia, and other issues, Wyatt was often on the back foot and we sensed he had some added challenges.  Following parental instinct, coupled with viewing past testimony of NBA results for boys, we knew NBA and its people were the next best step for our son.

At the time Wyatt was unreasonable and difficult to motivate at the start… but he quickly saw the fruits of his attending.  So did we as parents. At NBA he learns as he moves – which suits him.  He hears constant positive communication where values, rules, rewards and consequences are consistent.  His growing body gets the physical and mental exercise and discipline it needs to develop well.

Wyatt knows that the teaching and messages at NBA are from men he can trust, respect and look up to.  He receives affirmation as well as quality advice on how to be his best as both an athlete and a person.  Our son leaves each session feeling strong and walking with his head high, he sees the world with a more positive lens – he definitely nags less and is even more reasonable!  He is becoming his own beacon of hope.

Wyatt is no longer constantly distracted; he listens ‘most’ of the time! He has better tools and confidence to reason and complete school work well.  In the last year his improvement in fitness and confidence has contributed to representative level opportunities and a school leadership role.  Thank you NBA for your input to our son’s ever improving journey.

I’m welling up writing this. We are loving how much more reasonable and confident Wyatt is now.  There are a lot less arguments in the house! We love NBA’s work.

God bless, So’otaga Fanau