Listen to Kim Button of Neighbourhood Trust in Christchurch. She talks to Jim Mora about the Mairehau Neighbourhood Project and her work to support young children who are coping with anxiety following the Canterbury earthquakes. In many causes she sees extreme anxiety among young children and an inability for them to cope with stress. She and her team are working with children and their families offering counselling and support in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.  

Established in 1999,  Neighbourhood Trust was set up by the people of St Albans Baptist Church to enrich the lives of the Mairehau and Shirley communities. The Mairehau Neighbourhood Project is a collaborative, community-led approach to build families’ resources to enable their aspirations for their children, to reach their goals and to become better connected within their community. Parenting courses are offered, counselling sessions, financial literacy courses and community events are held.

 The Tindall Foundation has funded this project over the past three years as part of our Canterbury earthquake response fund. We congratulate the team on the awesome work they do to improve and enrich peoples’ lives.