Nelson Bays Community Foundation (NBCF) is excited to announce a funding partnership with The Tindall Foundation, covering the Nelson Tasman and Marlborough regions.

Martina O’Driscoll, from The Tindall Foundation said, “We have been following the progress of NBCF since it launched in 2010 and our team is delighted to strengthen this relationship. We have appointed NBCF as our regional partner to support our Families and Social Services Programme across the top of the South Island.”

NBCF will co-ordinate funding applications and make recommendations to The Tindall Foundation on where the funding is best spent. “NBCF has the benefit of local knowledge and can make decisions on where the greatest impact will be for the community,” said Martina.

NBCF will initially fulfil an advisory role to The Tindall Foundation.  NBCF will assess and monitor requests on behalf of the Foundation and make recommendations for funding.  This approach is applied across New Zealand by The Tindall Foundation and is hugely successful.

“This way of working allows The Tindall Foundation to engage with credible organisations close to their communities, trusting them to distribute and recommend funding on our behalf. This ensures funds are delivered for the greatest benefit in the community.”

Julie Varney, Chair of NBCF says, “This is a significant milestone for NBCF and recognises the progress we have achieved.  We have completed the groundwork to put the Foundation on a solid footing, by building relationships, and attracting local donors. We have been distributing funds back into the community since 2012.

“This partnership with The Tindall Foundation represents a step-change in our growth, and will enable us to distribute significantly more funds into the community from 2016.

“NBCF representatives are extremely grateful to The Tindall Foundation for its support of our activities, and the confidence they have shown in partnering with us.”

The next funding round under this partnership will close on 16th February 2016. Details of the application criteria can be found on and .  Potential applicants are encouraged to begin the application process well in advance to allow time to complete the registration and the preliminary application, to confirm eligibility to complete the full application.

This story appeared in the local paper.

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