Community Waikato has recently announced the appointment of Holly Snape as Chief Executive. Holly will join its team on 14 September.

Holly is passionate about the social services sector and has 12 years sector experience in a management role within the Waikato region.

Gaye Barton, Chairperson, Community Waikato, says, “Holly is an excellent communicator with strong advocacy skills and knowledge of the needs of the community sector. She is excited about joining the Community Waikato team.”

Community Waikato builds the strength of the community sector in the Waikato by supporting and informing social service organisations.  Services include one-to-one advisory service, mentoring, facilitation, training, information, scholarships and advocacy. It also manages and administers funding streams for a number of organisations and grants.

Community Waikato is The Tindall Foundation’s Funding Manager in the Waikato and distributes grants of up to $15,000 to community organisations on our behalf.

Here’s what Holly has to say about herself and her experience.

“Community wellbeing has been my driving force for more than a decade. I believe in being informed about what is impacting our community so that we can apply creative solutions to local problems.  Community development and community wellbeing are high priorities which we can enhance together by engaging in measures to address social, economic and environmental needs.

I have lived in Hamilton since 1994, originally coming to the Waikato to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the Social Sciences.  Following that, I was awarded a Waikato University scholarship which allowed me to complete a Master of Social Sciences degree.  While studying, I worked as the Coordinating Tutor for the Department of Sociology and Social Policy and also as the Tutor for International Students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

My first community role was as Manager of a community house in Melville in 2004.  In this role I was committed to engaging the community and seeking their input into developing proactive programmes that genuinely promoted community wellbeing. We also worked hard to establish a robust and transparent financial position.  Since then all my work – both voluntary and paid – has been in the community sector in various capacities, from training dogs to digital literacy, from mental health to access radio.  I also continue to provide guest lectures at Waikato University because I see real value in informing students about the value of the work we undertake in this often invisible sector.

I value my health and walk regularly, ride a bicycle for both transport and recreation, and play indoor netball. I am sure that these activities contribute to my positive outlook and congenial disposition! I have a great passion for people, animals and social justice. I intend to use those passions to sustain my commitment to participating effectively in my community.”

Community Waikato has been a Funding Manager for The Tindall Foundation since 2003. As a Funding Manager, they receive bulk funds each year and we rely on their expertise and local knowledge of their communities to distribute the funds.  To date, Community Waikato has allocated over $1M, to initiatives that `Support Families and Social Services` in the Region on behalf of The Tindall Foundation.

The Tindall Foundation would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea Goble for all her wonderful advice and support during the last nine years and wish her all the best for the future.