Imagine an Aotearoa New Zealand where all our children, young people and mokopuna flourish.

Our friends J R McKenzie trust have launched the Peter McKenzie Project, a special fund dedicated to finding solutions for reducing child poverty in Aotearoa.

Many people have great ideas about how we can reduce child and family poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Peter McKenzie Project brings the funds and long-term vision to the table.

They want see a reduction in the number of children, whānau and families living in poverty and need your Big Ideas to make this happen. Do you have an idea that could help people and families / whānau for a long time?

Changes we make that will enable kiwi families and whānau to flourish?

What we can do to make sure all our children and mokopuna have equal choices and opportunities for their futures?

How do our society’s systems contribute to some of us living in poverty and hardship? How do we improve these systems?

What parts of the way things work in New Zealand make it hard for some people to have the money they need to live a good life?

How can we fix the way things work in New Zealand so this does not happen?

Ideas for funding – Submit your ideas by 30 September

The team is grateful to everyone who has already submitted inspiring ideas so far, but they are looking for more read more.

If you have an idea you’d like to propose and implement yourself or with your organisation –  you need to submit it by 30 September. Some really great ideas have already been submitted but they want lots more!

You can submit your ideas through the Peter McKenzie Project website.

Ideas for sharing with others – Login to Hunchbuzz to create a “buzz” about the project

Hunchbuzz has been set up to help people generate, share and develop ideas. You need to be logged in to share your own ideas and comment on other people’s. You can login with your Google or Facebook account or with your email address – just go to “Sign in” on the top right of the homepage. People can also take ideas from Hunchbuzz and do a proposal for funding (see below). The idea is that people will see ideas on Hunchbuzz and that these will be developed through comments and suggestions – and that they will then be submitted for funding through our website.

You can check out other people’s ideas without logging in – they’re on the right-hand side of the homepage.

Follow the project on social media

Don’t forget to follow the project on social media – and like and share posts – to help get the word out about the Peter McKenzie Project.

Find out more about the Peter McKenzie Project

Watch a short video about the project on YouTube or view an Easy Read version of the  flyer.