A new report on giving in New Zealand puts philanthropic spend at $3.8b a year.

JBWere’s New Zealand Support Report looks at the income the for-purpose sector received from philanthropy and grantmaking in 2018, including the types of givers and a breakdown of the causes receiving it.

The report, developed in collaboration with Philanthropy New Zealand, also highlights the significant role volunteering plays in New Zealand, valued at an additional $2b a year.

JBWere’s New Zealand head, Craig Patrick said the report provides a fresh profile on giving in New Zealand. “After more than a year of research and analysis, we proudly present The New Zealand Support Report – an in-depth analysis of the changing face of giving in New Zealand. The report shows New Zealand is very strong in philanthropy and has grown significantly since earlier studies. Those who are donating continue to grow their giving at a fast rate highlighting the need for good care of existing donors.

Philanthropy and other grantmaking support, through donations plus volunteering, are an essential part of the operating model of the for-purpose sector, and in turn critically support the health and well-being of our society at the margins. While donations, grants and bequests are only providing around 15% of the for-purpose sectors total income these funds have far more significance on the new opportunities for the sector to grow impact. When the value of volunteering is included, that contribution grows to over 25%.

JBWere recognises the enormous contribution philanthropy and for-purpose organisations make to New Zealand. We hope the report helps all those who work in or support this important sector.”

Philanthropy New Zealand’s Chief Executive Sue McCabe welcomed the report.

“The giving sector is diverse and changing as it responds to the evolving needs of society, preferences of givers, and options available to give to. Data is important to inform us of the changing picture so we welcome JBWere’s comprehensive analysis of the available information.

“The contribution that New Zealanders who generously give time and money make, as well as the organised philanthropists and grant-makers, is significant. Therefore it’s important that we quantify and tell the story of what all this generosity adds up to.

“We know New Zealand is a generous country in many ways as we rank highly in global giving indexes. The New Zealand Support Report digs underneath those headline numbers to show us who are the givers in New Zealand and which causes are doing the best from philanthropy and grant making.”