Poutasi Gardens

Poutasi Gardens

Robert Oliver, a world renowned chef who was born in New Zealand and grew up in Fiji and Samoa returns to Samoa for Real Pasifik to help the local food economy. In this episode, Poutasi Gardens, The Tindall Foundation’s overseas initiative, is featured.

Oliver highlights the issue of Samoan tourist resorts importing produce from overseas, rather than relying on a local supply chain. He hopes to impress Lydia To’omalatai, Manager of Latia Sini Beach Resort by cooking with local ingredients, including the fresh green produce from Poutasi Gardens.

Watch the episode here to find out how well he does.

Poutasi Gardens are growing produce such as rocket, mesclun, coriander, spinach, sage and parsley that were previously imported into Samoa, which is expensive and unsustainable. The gardens are staffed by locals and are making a real positive difference to the community.

We have been supporting this project via our overseas strategy, which is an invitation only fund, piloting how to support South West Pacific through inviting strategic applications. We have supported this project to develop Poutasi Gardens so that it will be self-sustainable.