After the Canterbury earthquakes, Lyttelton Time Bank was inundated with calls for help and offers of support from individuals and organisations within their community.

Project Lyttelton used earthquake recovery funds from The Tindall Foundation to support the Lyttelton Time Bank.

“The Time Bank took on a central role both in the immediate aftermath and ongoing recovery process,” said Margaret Jefferies of Project Lyttelton.  “It’s keeping this community connected and together through what has been arguably the most challenging time in its history.”

Time Bankers hold garage sales for Lyttelton community groups every Saturday.  Different community groups from across Lyttelton book the garage sale and keep the proceeds of the day for their cause.  It enables community groups to generate their own income, share with others about what they’re doing, and have a place to recycle their unwanted goods.  Lyttelton lost its Op Shop in the September earthquake.

The Tindall Foundation funds have also been used to support the Lyttelton Farmers’ Market.  Before the earthquakes, it drew in 2,000 people from Christchurch, and made a significant contribution to the economy of the town.  The market was threatened by tunnel and road closures to Lyttelton.  Project Lyttelton has contracted a market manager to work with traders and local businesses to ensure the market stays open in the future.

For more information contact: Margaret Jefferies, Chairperson, Project Lyttelton