Hawke’s Bay Foundation is our Funding Manager in the Hawke’s Bay region.   The Foundation formed back in 2012 when 10 visionary Hawke’s Bay people put some money together to start a fund to give back to the region they love and to inspire others to do the same. They wanted to see Hawke’s Bay prosper for generations to come, and they saw that if the community could be drawn together with a common purpose, we could achieve something much greater with more meaningful and enduring impact than if everyone simply ‘did their own thing’.

Linda Calder Development Manager talks about the Foundation and how we work together.


Briefly describe your organisation and what you do

Hawke’s Bay Foundation is a community foundation connecting people who want to give back to the region they love, to organisations and projects that are making a difference in our community.

The Foundation is a charitable trust that receives donations and bequests from individuals, families and businesses throughout the region. These funds are pooled and invested forever. Only the earnings are distributed annually to support Hawke’s Bay community initiatives and organisations bringing about positive and meaningful change.

The Foundation provides a trustworthy vehicle that allows donors to contribute to local causes that really matter to them, without any of the administrative stress. Plus, the community we all love directly benefits from the generosity of Hawke’s Bay people.


How long has Hawke’s Bay Foundation been a TTF funding manager for your region?

Hawke’s Bay Foundation first received funding from the Tindall Foundation in 2010 – so eight years this year.


What does our long-standing relationship/partnership mean to your organisation?

We are incredibly proud to be the Regional Funding Manager for the Foundation and really value our relationship and the trust that is placed in us. It has given us the ability to raise our profile and support more organisations in the community/social sector which is where our needs are the greatest.


What is involved in your role of Tindall Foundation Funding Manager?

Ensuring the entire Hawke’s Bay community is aware of the funds available to them in our annual funding round through promotion and advertising.  Then allocating the funds as per the Foundations criteria in conjunction with our own funding round.  Ensuring those that receive funding report back and are accountable for the funds they received.


How do you work with The Tindall Foundation and the wider community in this role?

We know what is happening on the ground in our community and our experienced distribution committee works really hard every year to identify where the need is greatest at that time. We then prioritise our funding in those areas. We ensure that our funding round is widely advertised through a number of different mediums to ensure maximum coverage.


How would you describe your organisation’s relationship with The Tindall Foundation?

The Tindall Foundation is highly respected within New Zealand and for us to be aligned with TTF it provides us with credibility with many of the groups we work with – professional advisors, community groups and the people of Hawke’s Bay.

It is fantastic to have the support of such a long-standing Foundation with very similar values as ours, especially in our early phase. TTF is generous with sharing their resources and expertise which again is of great value to us.


Approximately, now many organisations would you support a year using Tindall Foundation funds?


How much money approximately does this equate to each year?

Approximately $60,000

What is the maximum amount you would give to an organisation from this fund?

Last year the maximum grant given from Tindall Funding was $6000

In your role you must work with communities, services, charities and philanthropic organisations, what do you enjoy about working in this sector?

I enjoy that everyone we work with is happy!  We have happy donors because they are giving to causes that they really care about and can actually see where they are making a difference if they choose too. We also work with organisations who are happy as they are receiving funding and we work with them closely where we can and celebrate the amazing work they do. Witnessing people making a difference in whatever way they can is truly rewarding and in particular for donors who are creating a legacy for generations to come.

You are in a job where giving back to the community is central to what you do, what do you get out of the job personally?

I couldn’t think of a job that I enjoy more. Giving back to my community is a big part of my ethos and to be surrounded by people who are doing the same thing is truly rewarding. We all do our small part but together we can make an incredible difference.

We always say that we are in a marathon not a sprint and I am confident that the Hawke’s Bay Foundation will make a difference forever through people living here and giving here.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you to The Tindall Foundation for all you do, it really is inspiring to see how philanthropic the Foundation is and the huge impact you have throughout NZ.