The Salvation Army is one of The Tindall Foundation’s Faith Funding Managers. We bulk fund The Salvation Army to distribute money nationally on our behalf to groups and projects across the country. This year we celebrate 20 years of working together and we are hugely grateful to The Salvation Army for all that it does to make a difference in Kiwi communities. 

Shane Chisholm – Public Relations Director

  1. Briefly describe your organisation and the work you do across New Zealand.

The Salvation Army has had the privilege to serve New Zealanders and their communities for over 130 years. Our mission is to care for people, transform lives and reform society. The vehicles through which we work towards achieving this mission are varied and widespread, from the provision of emergency food parcels to providing budgeting advice and affordable housing through to addiction treatment, education services and civil defense support.

Each year we have the opportunity to engage with and support over 120,000 New Zealanders as they build brighter futures.


  1. The Salvation Army has been working in the role as Tindall Foundation funding manager for 20 years…what does this long standing relationship mean to your organisation?

We are so very appreciative of the support that The Tindall Foundation provides. Without this partnership we simply wouldn’t be able to provide the support that our clients so desperately need.

The longevity of the relationship is something very special, and we count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to partner with The Tindall Foundation.

Together, we have been able to witness some fantastic innovative and very effective ‘grass roots’ services that have made a real impact within communities throughout New Zealand.


  1. What is involved in your role of Tindall Foundation Funding Manager?

I have the privilege of assisting with the decision making in relation to which services and projects the funds are invested. I also get the opportunity to visit and/or read about the fantastic outcomes being achieved.


  1. How do you work with The Tindall Foundation and the wider community in this role?

The Salvation Army has an extensive network of social services throughout New Zealand. We are also blessed to have a small team of social policy analysts  that consider and comment on current social issues.

In a way The Salvation Army acts as conduit between the Foundation and communities, providing a connection between people with a heart to see positive social change and those in our communities that have significant need.


  1. How would you describe your organisation’s relationship with The Tindall Foundation?

There are two very special aspects to the relationship with The Tindall Foundation, that as a service provider we greatly appreciate.

Firstly the Foundation’s willingness to provide long term support – we have been blessed to have received 20 years of support from The Tindall Foundation and together leveraging off each other’s strengths and resources we have been able to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of New Zealanders.

And secondly, the level of trust that the Foundation displays. With appropriate frameworks in place, the Foundation allows us to ‘get on with the job’ and trusts us to be good stewards of the resources that they entrust us with.


  1. Approximately, how many organisations would you support a year using Tindall Foundation funds?

Each year The Salvation Army looks to support approximately eighteen projects through Tindall Foundation grants.


  1. How much money approximately does this equate to each year?

Tindall Foundation grants administered through The Salvation Army equate to approximately $180,000.00.


  1. What is the maximum amount you would give to an organisation from this fund?

At this point in time we look to provide individual grants up to $10,000.00 per year. We particularly look to direct these grants to seed new innovative projects/services.


  1. In your role you must work with communities, services, charities and philanthropic organisations, what do you enjoy about working in this sector?

Working with the social service sector, one of the things that I appreciate is the opportunity to work with like-minded colleagues who see value in all people, and desire to see everyone reach their potential.


  1. You are in a job where giving back to the community is central to what you do, what do you get out of the job personally?

Over my working career I have had the opportunity to work both the private and public sectors, and now I find myself working in the ‘not for profit sector’. I can honestly say that I have never felt so fulfilled as I do now working for The Salvation Army. I count an honour to work within a fantastic team who are focused on caring for people, transforming lives and reforming society. To witness the positive changes in people’s lives as they set themselves on a path to a brighter future, to hear their stories, to sense their relief and joy – it’s just such a privilege.