It’s a dangerous time of life if you consider writing memoirs, and I’m certainly not there yet. They’re generally very boring for readers as well, so I’ll try to avoid that trap as well.

But the time I’ve been blessed with working as Tindall Foundation Manager over the past 12 years has certainly been the most inspiring, exhilarating, busy, fulfilling and humbling of all my jobs in the government, for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. How lucky was I!

Serving the philanthropic desires of such a generous family and Trustees is very different to normal management work, but I wouldn’t swap for anything. Core values and commitment to do good for people in need, and for Aotearoa New Zealand as a whole, are embedded in the whole organisation. They align well with my own, and are unequivocal and authentic.

Working with dedicated staff, contractors and volunteers to this end has been a privilege. It’s not easy linking the passions and hopes of the many applicants with a limited budget.

Engaging with so many inspiring people and organisations whose primary desire is to change people’s lives and the environment we live in for the better has been the most humbling experience of all. We barely touch the surface of the many good works done every day in every community, but what I’ve seen always fills me with awe. So much good is delivered to so many on such tiny amounts of money.

The Foundation’s generosity has extended to giving me a ‘soft landing into retirement’ over the next couple of years, via my current part-time role of Special Projects Manager. I hope I can help new manager John and others by passing over what I’ve learned until they too say ‘How lucky are we!!”