Many Auckland not-for-profit groups are strengthening their capacity to become even more effective at delivering quality services for their communities.

In 2005, The Tindall Foundation funded the 2-year SCOPE (Strengthening CommunityOrganisations Project) pilot in the Auckland area.  Fifty small community organisations were assisted by not-for-profit sector consultants, at no charge to the groups.

McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Initiative (MPHS), in West Auckland, was a recipient of SCOPE funding.  They received coaching on financial systems, governance and strategic planning.

“We now have strong internal structures and five funding agreements for 3-4 years that enable us to get on with our work,” says MPHS Manager Rochana Sheward.

MPHS manages various community development programmes, such as their Project Twin Streams contract to restore the Oratia and Opanuku stream banks.

The SCOPE Long-term Outcomes Evaluation Report was published in June 2009.  SCOPE was a turning point for the sustainability of many other organisations.

The Tindall Foundation has since contracted NFP Works Ltd, an independent business, to provide capacity building support to small Tindall Foundation-funded community organisations in Auckland and Northland.

For more information contact:

Dave Richards, Projects and Strategy Manager, The Tindall Foundation