Last week, The Tindall Foundation welcomed 40 of our Funding Managers to Long Bay in Auckland for a two day workshop to network, build relationships and share ideas.

Funding Managerscame from right across the country to spend time together to talk about how they work, share what they have learned, discuss experiences, successes and to what is happening at a grass roots level in the communities they serve.  It was also a great opportunity to further refine and improve our Funding Manger model and to nurture the already strong relationships The Tindall Foundation staff have with our Funding Managers.

Story telling was a big part of the workshop. We had some great presentations from organisations who shared their stories with us. We listened to presentations from Lee Barry and Jenny Lynch from WWF, and Andrea Goble and Sarah Gibb from Community Waikato.

We heard from our keynote speakers Anton Blank and Helen Harte from Mana Ririki – Violence Free Whanau. They talked about their work to inspire change for tamariki (children) through advocacy, research and communications. It was great to hear how well received the organisation’s parenting model, which provides a framework for violence-free parenting for all whanau, has been. It is now being is delivered across the country by different providers.

The Tindall Foundation’s Projects and Strategies Manager, Dave Richards, explained our goals, priorities and strategies and Evelyn Gauntlett talked about our new Data Manager System, which all our Funding Managers will be using, and our Special Projects Manager, Trevor Gray covered  the background on our Foundation – who we are, our history and our Funding Manager model.

The team shared lovely meals together and got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Long Bay. Six members of the Tindall Family were there to meet everyone and three of Stephen and Margaret’s children spoke at the dinner.

Those who attended said they enjoyed meeting each other and sharing experiences.

“Meeting the Tindall Foundation staff and other Funding Managers and sharing, was invaluable.”

“It was wonderful to share in such a family atmosphere.”

“Thank you to the Tindall family for being present and taking such an active part.”

“It was hugely helpful to meet and connect with other Funding Managers. The talk, connections and networking that happened was invaluable.”