Gisborne’s newest charitable trust is set to launch with $500,000 in managed funds. The Sunrise Foundation, which has been established to help strengthen the district now and into the future, is hosting a community launch tonight, October 6.

The Community Foundation is unique for Gisborne as it promotes the concept of giving via a dedicated endowment fund. It attracts monetary gifts and legacies, with investment income distributed annually to local charitable causes, forever.

Chairperson John Clarke confirmed The Sunrise Foundation had received its first major donation, placing it in an exciting position in time for the launch. “Foundation executive officer Glenda Stokes and the nine voluntary trustees have spent months bringing the trust to this stage and this recent donation affirms the real potential Sunrise has to benefit the community into the future,” he said. “All community foundations like Sunrise run on the smell of an oily rag and are purely focused on giving. The trustees themselves are giving by way of volunteering their time so it is wonderful to now be at the point where the trust can launch and the community can gain a real understanding of just what Sunrise could mean for the district.”

Mr Clarke said the concept Sunrise promoted was new and would take time to build. The irony was that those who had been so passionate about driving its inception would only get to see a small part of the results it would bring. “As Sunrise is being established forever, it is unlikely that those of us who are committed to the concept today will ever see the true benefits that will accrue to the community in the future,” he said. “But we need to start if the needs of this community are to be met down the track.

The launch marks the beginning of a potentially incredible journey.” The community launch of The Sunrise Foundation is being held tonight, Monday October 6 from 5.15pm at The Quality Hotel Emerald, Gisborne. If you would like to attend contact executive officer Glenda Stokes by September 29 on 06 8677939 or or visit the new website here.