Today is Micro-volunteering Day!

Time-poor people can still be volunteers, with an upcoming Micro-volunteering Day on 15 April, says Volunteering New Zealand.

Micro-volunteering tends to take place online, and can be done from anywhere, using participants’ existing skills. Micro-volunteering or virtual volunteering opportunities are something people who want to contribute can do safely of our own bubbles.

“Micro-volunteering is quick and convenient – it might only take a few minutes and be done from your own home,” says Volunteering New Zealand chief executive Michelle Kitney.

Lifting Literacy volunteer Bronwyn Bayne uses her policy analysis and strategy skills within a social change organisation Lifting Literacy Aotearoa. She says, “You don’t have to have lots of time on your hands. You can even just provide advice occasionally if an ongoing commitment is too much for you.”

Micro-volunteering allows more people to give back to their community, and it provides an opportunity for those who wouldn’t otherwise consider volunteering.

“New Zealand is a nation of volunteers, with 2.5 million of us doing some form of volunteering. But we know full-time workers and younger people aren’t well represented as current volunteers. Micro-volunteering means everyone can offer a short burst of effort, that all contributes to a better society,” Michelle says.

New Zealand is participating in an international micro-volunteering day, on 15 April. Volunteer centres and many organisations who can make use of volunteers are taking part.