Grassroots organisations play a crucial role in keeping our communities connected and thriving.

Auckland Foundation is a Regional Funding Manager for The Tindall Foundation. Applications are now open for round two of the Grassroots Giving programme for North or West Auckland organisations that work across the whole region or who are seeking funding towards an initiative that will support more than one area of Auckland. Applications close Tuesday 31 July, 9am.

Through the Grassroots Giving programme, Auckland Foundation has developed a unique knowledge base of the small, often out-of-sight groups that make communities hum. Our donor’s focus in this funding area is to support families and social services.

Each year we receive a broad range of applications from many great organisations, all working hard to support the diverse needs of communities in Auckland.

Priority is also given to smaller organisations working in the heart of the community using support from volunteers, rather than large well-funded service providers.

To find out more and to apply for funding click here.

Before Applying

The Tindall Foundation also works with appointed Faith Funding Managers across NZ. If your organisation is faith-based, please check with one of the following Faith Funding Managers first before applying to the Grassroots Giving Programme. Contact details can be found in the  Guidance Notes.