In 2021, we are calling on New Zealanders to help The Salvation Army rekindle hope for all Kiwis at Christmastime.

The Salvation Army, is mobilising the generosity of New Zealanders to provide hope to vulnerable people at Christmas. Our services support families’ emotional and mental wellbeing, reduce loneliness and provide counselling, as well as practical Christmas gifts. Not to mention presents for children and teenagers who might otherwise wake up to find nothing beneath their Christmas tree.

Community Ministries centres around New Zealand expect that we will give more than 5200 gifts to brighten the Christmases of children around the country.

And it’s not just about December. We want your support to help families see hope beyond the Christmas season.

In the past year, The Salvation Army performed close to 75,000 assessments to identify ways that we could offer ongoing support for those in need. 140,000 people engaged with our services.

And then we took action. We provided more than 34,000 social work sessions, 13,646 financial mentoring sessions and housed over 4000 people.

All of this was made possible through the support of generous Kiwis.

‘A lot of families in New Zealand are unfortunately in a situation where they either have to choose not to celebrate Christmas, because they cannot afford to, or they feel pressure and stress in trying to provide a simple meal and a few gifts,’ says Jono Bell, Territorial Director for Community Ministries.

‘The Salvation Army wants to support and provide for families at Christmas to spend some family time together, share in a meal and celebrate each other.’

You can be part of that difference. You can be a part of the change people in despair long for. You can be a life-changer through your thoughtfulness and financial support that provides these vital wraparound services to our most vulnerable across New Zealand.

There’s someone out there who needs your Gift of Hope—today.

Here’s how to give the Gift of Hope this Christmas: