As a menber of The Working Together More fund (WTMF), The Tindall Foudnation is delighted that Waikato-based family trust, Len Reynolds Trust, is joining the fund bringing the number of members to six.

As a group of family foundations, we work together to support organisations across New Zealand. WTMF supports collaborations and mergers that bring long-term benefits to non-profit organisations and the communities they serve.

We get so much out of collaborating as a group of funders (TTF, Todd Foundation, J R McKenzie Trust, Hugh Green Foundation, D.V. Bryant Trust) and we are thrilled to welcome The Len Reynolds Trust to the team.

The Len Reynolds was established in 1966 by farmers Len and Ada Reynolds as a trust fund for the benefit of others. Funds have been distributed since that time by the Trust. The mission of the Trust is to build partnerships with Waikato community organisations by financially supporting families, education, the environment and social well-being.

The Trust’s founders practiced generosity as a way of life. They sought not to waste money or resources, so as to give to others. In 2014, Community Waikato was appointed as the Trust’s fund manager to help distribute funds to the Waikato Community more directly & actively. In 2017, annual distributions exceeded $750,000 and this continues to increase each year. Today, the Trust aims to create and continue strong connections throughout the community. With these connections, the Len Reynolds Trust aims to give widely and effectively.