Flower in the rubble - by Vic Manuge

Flower in the rubble – by Vic Manuge

The Todd Foundation will provide around one million dollars in financial support to a major project in Christchurch with a new initiative called ‘Our Christchurch: A project for Christchurch’s children and youth – today and tomorrow’.

‘Our Christchurch’ is the next step in Todd Foundation’s support for the recovery of Canterbury following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Please read what The Todd Foundation has to say about the project:

We understand that as Christchurch moves forward the needs of its children and youth are ongoing and that support to create ‘a new normal and a new future’ is vital. The Todd Foundation would like to make a major contribution to a long-lasting project that will celebrate what is possible in the new Christchurch and benefit children and young people today and tomorrow.

To ensure we select the best possible project we’ll be involving Christchurch young people in the selection process and are currently working with Christchurch youth organizations to recruit a panel to sit alongside our trustees.

We have no preconceived ideas about what this project will look like and we are open to all possibilities. What we do know is that it will be a positive, inclusive and forward-thinking contribution to the Greater Christchurch area. It could be a new facility, it could be a major programme or it could be something we haven’t considered yet.

See Todd’s website for more information, including how to apply, and please feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested in ‘Our Christchurch’.

For information on the project contact Bede Martin, our Christchurch-based project
coordinator, bedemartin@xtra.co.nz, 021 230 2908