TTF Local Donation Managers actively continue to practice inclusiveness and develop partnerships with hapu, marae and iwi. By listening to community, and offering quick and responsive funding, relationships have continued to flourish around the motu and communities are the ones benefiting.

Catholic Caring Foundation (CCF) is a TTF LDM in Auckland and Northland and are in it for the long haul by developing a five-year strategy alongside community to embed interweaving principles and mana-enhancing guidance to support grant and decision-making.  Relationships have been strengthened between churches, five marae, iwi and over 600 whānau because of Covid and they continue to listen and treasure the kōrero to create opportunities of support. In 2022, CCF were invited to join a hikoi with 24 whānau to draw on joint resources to develop community gardens in North Hokianga to help with food security. Together, they’ve moved mountains and now five plots are being piloted, land has been cleared, fences have been put up to keep livestock out, and fruit trees and veggies have been planted to provide food security for the whole community. Community leaders in Northland continue to develop high trust partnerships that benefit the whole community.

In Hawkes Bay relationships are flourishing too.  TTF Local Donation Manager Hawkes Bay Foundation have partnered with Eastern Central Community Trust and are developing relationships and working alongside hapū, marae and iwi to create a community fund led by Wairoa – for Wairoa Māori-led initiatives.

And in Tairāwhiti, TTF LDM The Sunrise Foundation have Iwi representatives on their board, and are developing relationships with hapū and marae to explore even more ways of working closely together